How to get a graduate job

How to get a graduate job

So I sat down one day and thought ‘what did I really need to know when I was applying for my first graduate job?’

I realised then that there are millions of graduates around the world each year who are as unprepared for their first job search as I was back then.

That is why this website exists. I want to help you be better prepared for your graduate job search. This site has been designed to help you land your first job.

Follow the easy steps outlined here:

  1. Understand yourself: your core values
  2. Understand yourself: your soft skills
  3. Make a good impression by describing your soft and hard skills
  4. Prepare the best succinct cover letter that you can
  5. Answer the question: what does the job ad tell you?
  6. Have a solid resume– it will never be perfect, just make it better than it was
  7. Submit a solid application, on time, remembering what the reader is looking for
  8. Be prepared for your interview
  9. Learn from your application experience every time
  10. Plan for your career: where do you want to be in 5 years?

Tanya de Grunwald in the UK offers you ten more tips that every graduate should know about searching for a graduate job.

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